Fall in Love with Isabella

Isabella  Isabella 2

A few weeks ago, we took Isabella into our home to foster her for MCRS. She came all the way from Fargo, which is about a three hour drive from Eagan. What a trip! She was not hesitant to show off her true personality. The second she was let loose to roam around the room, she started chinning everything! She wanted to make it absolutely clear that she owned all of our possessions, whether we liked or not. After claiming everything from the bookshelves, chairs and our feet she ran, jumped and practically flew across the carpeted floor, happy as can be! She would run circles around our feet and jump on our backs when we played on the floor with her. We even made up a game where we would sit on the computer chair and slowly turn around in circles while letting our legs dangle down. Lightly we would tap her with our feet and she would dash around them and run away happily only to come back for more a half a minute later. With her happy and eccentric personality, not to mention adorable face and her beautiful coat, it seems as though we may no longer be able to accept her as a foster, but may have to bring her in as a new addition to our bunny family. I think we’re falling in love ourselves!


Introducing the Bushy Tail/ Meet Brylee!

Welcome to the brand new year of 2015! With so many events and  to look forward to, this year definitely looks promising. Along with the new year comes a new business. I am pleased to announce the opening of The Bushy Tail, a luxury boarding facility for bunnies, guinea pigs and other small rodents.

Growing up with animals constantly surrounding me, it was always a wonder why there were boarding companies for dogs and cats but never for smaller pets. What were the owners of beloved bunnies, guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters and rats supposed to do when they needed a getaway but didn’t have any one around to watch their little ones? With this in mind, it was decided that I wanted to help aid with the problem an created the Bushy Tail.

In addition to taking care of your pets, I have also started fostering bunnies for MCRS (Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society). It’s already been a wonderful experience. My journey as a foster parent started in November with the black beauty, Brylee. She started out having a little bit of cage aggression, but with a little TLC, we were able to overcome her obstacle and we were able to see the sweet bun within! See for yourself!

Featured imageFeatured image

“Hello There! My name is Brylee. I’m a mellow bun with nice, soft black fur. I can be somewhat shy at first but I warm up pretty quick, especially if you offer me nice head rubs and treats. During playtime, I like to explore the area. Especially areas with small, snug spots and tubes to play in. But my favorite thing to do during playtime is to hang out near you with high hopes that you’ll pet me. I absolutely LOVE to be petted! Especially on top of my head and on my ears. If I really like the way you pet me, I might talk to you or even jump into your lap! I may like to be petted a little too much, I have been known to interrupt whatever you’re doing to ask for more head scratches. Though I always do my best to be polite about it. I just recently found a REALLY nice family and I’m excited to finally have a home where I can get spoiled with love, yummy food and lots of play space. I’m so grateful!”

It was sad to see Brylee go, but to see her go to such a nice family is so heartwarming, leaving nothing to worry about. Good luck, Brylee! We hope to see you again at The Bushy Tail soon!

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