Here at The Bushy Tail, we love to provide our furry visitors access to our own homemade, 100% chew-and -destroy-safe toys as well as our own healthy handcrafted treats. Often times pets love them so much that they want some of their own! Listed below are items that you can purchase and bring home for your pet to enjoy.

Corset Toss Toy




Price: $2 Each

100% safe for chewing, throwing and tearing. 8 different colors to choose from, with a choice of purple or green twine (Raffia).

Bunny Pop

IMG_20150811_120429518_HDR     IMG_20150811_121025175_HDR

Price: $1.75 Each

Each Bun Pop contains a variety of tasty treats that are 100% safe for consumption. Critters love to dig and rip their way through the Bun Pop’s tear-able surface for the yummy goodies inside. Not only does the Bun Pop provide tasty delight but it also provides mental stimulation as your furry friend has to work and figure out how to get inside.

**More items soon to come!**