Brenda & Bonfire

Meet Brenda!

Owner & CEO of The Bushy Tail

Creative, Self-Motivated, and Passionate about animals, Brenda is the owner and founder of the local Minnesota bunny-sitting service, The Bushy Tail.

Brenda has been running The Bushy Tail for over 8 years and has had hundreds of furry critters come and visit her in her home. She has experience with bunnies, guinea pigs, chinchillas and even birds! She has worked with Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society (MCRS), Rabbit Rescue Minnesota (RRMN) and Minnesota Pocket Pet Rescue (MNPPR). She has also rescued bunnies outside of these amazing organizations and helped them find new homes.

Together, Brenda and her partner Chris also run their Bushy Tail Etsy Shop where they hand craft bunny & guinea pig safe toys and enrichment activities.

When Brenda is not running The Bushy Tail she creates stickers and coloring pages for her new shop at Yumibren Illustrations, spends time with her loved ones, discovers the newest plant based foods and explores the quirky side of Minnesota.

Chris & Pesto

Meet Chris!

Vice President & Toy Designer at The Bushy Tail

Funny, Chill, and Clever, Chris is the Vice President and designs toys for The Bushy Tail Etsy shop.

Chris has been a huge supporter of The Bushy Tail since the very beginning.

Over the years, The Bushy Tail has taught him everything he knows about bunnies, which is quite a lot! Every flop, binkie and sploot makes him melt right beside Brenda. He treats every critter with love, care and expertise.

When he’s not at The Bushy Tail, Chris is a freelance movie editor and directs, edits and writes short films while building The Shaggy Dog Studio.

Jasper, Joslyn, & Zephyr

Meet Joslyn!

Representative & Babysitter

Empathetic, Artistic, and Obsessed with rabbits and anime. Joslyn is The Bushy Tail Representative, Drop-In Babysitter, and Graphics Specialist.

Joslyn is The Bushy Tail’s biggest cheerleader and has been a close friend of Brenda’s since they were young. As a fellow bunny mom, Joslyn has dedicated her time loving and providing top care to the wellbeing of all rabbits she encounters. Joslyn has over 8 years experience with rabbits, has helped care for Bushy Tail guests, has worked with the Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society, and has trained in agility with her netherland dwarf Jasper.

When Joslyn is not providing bunny sitting services with The Bushy Tail, she is babysitting cats and dogs on Rover and running her art and stationery business at The Jolly Jawbreaker.