Can I bring anything from home for my pet?

Your pet’s cage or x-pen can stay home, we have spacious pet apartments available here! However, you are more then welcome to bring your pet’s favorite treats, toys, blankets, litter box or other personal belongings to make them feel more comfortable while staying with us.

We do have extra litter boxes, bowls and water bottles if you’d like to have us use one of ours instead.

Should I bring my own pet’s food and leafy greens?

Yes please! We want to make sure your pet stays on the same diet that they are used to so they stay as happy and comfortable as possible. Of course, if you accidentally forget their food at home or if they run out of food during their stay, we are happy to provide for a small additional cost.

What about litter?

If you can, please bring enough litter that will last your pet’s entire stay. We like to change litter boxes every other day.

Will my pet be stuck in their pen all day long?

Of course not! We make sure that all of critters that stay with us have plenty of playtime out of their pens so that they can stretch their legs and get some mental stimulation to keep them happy.

Will my bunny be playing with other bunnies?

Unless your bunny is visiting with their bonded mate, they will not be playing with other bunnies. Bunnies can be territorial to other bunnies, we don’t want to risk anyone getting hurt. Your bunny will be playing with the humans at The Bushy Tail during their playtime instead.

Is there a certain time of day when I need to pick up or drop my pet off for their boarding stay?

Pick up and drop off times are by appointment. Please contact Brenda at The Bushy Tail to set up a time.

This is a ‘home-based’ environment, please do NOT show up unannounced.

What if my pet gets sick or injured during their stay?

Your pet’s health is our number one priority. If any health concerns arises, we will try to contact you prior to any treatment. However, if we are unable to reach you, we will begin treatments or travel to a vet and it will be charged accordingly.

Can you administer medication to my pet?

Yes. We have experience with giving oral medications and can give your pet the meds that they need to stay healthy.

Can you do nail trims?

Nail trims are available for clients who book drop-in and home-stays only with our Representative. The Bushy Tail boarding does not offer this service at this time.

Will my bonded pets be able to stay in the same pet apartment together?

Of course, we can accommodate.

What if there is a change in my schedule?

Whether you’ve missed a flight, come home early, need an extra day or need to cancel due to a change in plans, no problem! We can accommodate.

When is payment due?

Payment is due when you come to pick your pet up.

What types of payment do you accept?

Our first choice is Venmo. We also accept credit cards and cash (though we don’t typically carry change).

Can I leave you a tip?

Though it is never expected, you are more then welcome to and we greatly appreciate your generosity! It’s a wonderful way to show that you value our hard work and dedication towards your pet.


If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Brenda at The Bushy Tail.