See What Other Clients Are Saying

” I’ve been taking my bunny rabbit to Brenda for years now. So dependable and helpful…my bunny loves it there! She figured out he loves orchard grass over timothy hay, and gave him snow to bury in!!! I basically don’t trust him anywhere else, so I’ll make the drive to Burnsville every time!!” ~Aruna

“I know Benny is in great hands with Brenda while I’m away! Benny has stayed with Brenda a handful of times over the last year and they’ve all been great experiences. He has plenty of free roam time and shares kisses with Brenda, so I know he’s enjoying his stay. I also love the daily updates and pictures she sends of him. Thanks for everything.” ~Ashley

“If you need a bunny sitter, these are your people! Great setup, warm welcome, treated like a member of the family. And very knowledgeable – you don’t want just anybody caring for a rabbit! Our bun came home relaxed and happy.” ~Robin

” I came upon The Bushy Tail as a frantic, last minute bunny love looking for , not only a sitter I felt comfortable with but someone who could accommodate 3 large bunnies. Brenda not only could accommodate my precious larger bunnies but put me at ease instantly by allowing me to meet her ahead of time and check out her immaculate accommodations. Her pens are spacious, clean, fun. She allows plenty of free roam time, included in the original charge (others charged x-tra), updates with pictures every day (or however you set up), she’s bunny savy and willing to work with you if you have specific needs for your fur babies or if you’re like me, just a nervous bunny love , having a difficult time leaving them behind. Brenda and The Bushy Tail took EXCELLENT care of Sassy, Harvey and Zeus and I will sing her praise every day.” ~Lynn

” When I was looking for a pet sitter for my bunny Edward I contacted rabbit rescue of Minnesota they put me in contact with Brenda Jorgensen of “The Bushy Tail”. I can’t tell you how very pleased I was with the care that Brenda gives her guests. She is such a delightful person and I honestly will never trust anyone other than Brenda to care for my bunny Edward who spent 10 days with her. He was a happy bunny the whole time. She kept in contact with me because this is the first time I have ever left Edward bunny with anyone, I was so nervous. She gave me daily updates, she gave me daily pictures through text. She’s super fun to work with, she was very flexible with my travel schedule. I recommend Brenda of The Bushy Tail 101% to care for your furry little friend if you ever need a sitter. She truly loves and enjoys what she’s doing and there are many bunnies who are repeat stay overs because that’s how much people trust her with their loved furry family member.” ~Dawn

” I highly recommend The Bushy Tail for anyone who needs a bunny/small pet sitter, as Brenda is AMAZING! She is well experienced, attentive, professional, and highly knowledgable about rabbits and how to care for them. After recently moving to the Mpls area and experiencing several challenges in finding the best sitter for my bun, I came across The Bushy Tail and am very grateful to have them. I had the opportunity to visit, and the pens and play areas are designed to give each bun ample space to move around and play, and is also very clean and well maintained. I could tell she puts in so much effort (which is no easy task!) to make sure that the bunnies are comfortable and enjoy their time there. My bun adjusted very quickly and well, as she was very happy and comfortable staying there. My bun also has had previous history in getting sick/GI stasis so I am very nervous about leaving her when I travel, but I know with Brenda I do not have to worry as I know she will do an incredible job caring for her. Also my bun has a tendency to chew and she didn’t go into her destructive mode, which reflects great care under Brenda! She also sent regular detailed and beautiful photos of my bun while I was away, which was very appreciated and eased my worries. Don’t hesitate to contact The Bushy Tail if you need someone to watch your bun while you are gone!” ~Kazumi

” My bunny came back sweeter than she usually is!!! Bushy Tail did a great job!” ~Mai

” I highly recommend The Bushy Tail! Brenda is responsive, flexible/ understanding, and most importantly very passionate about making the critters as comfortable and loved as possible while away from home. Our bun is free roaming in our house and uses her litter box very well. We set up a time to come check out The Bushy Tail before we committed to it wanting to see how much room the buns had. The pens are great and have fun places for them to play around in, and the icing on the cake was the play time hours they get during the day! It was the best case scenario for our spoiled bun who gets free reign of our house!” ~Samantha