Time for some beautiful baby bunnies!

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We have two beautiful baby bunnies visiting us. This is Steve and Blue. It’s amazing how much energy they both have. It’s so easy to fall in love with them.
Steve has certainly kept us on our toes. It’s quite possible that he may have been a race car in has past life with all of the laps he has done around our living room furniture.
Blue is a sweet angel who is working on overcoming his baby clumsiness. Don’t worry, Blue. We all take a tumble every once in a while!

Full House on Independence Day!

We had a full house at The Bushy Tail this Independence Day! Pierre is back and has been doing plenty of his zoomies around the living room. We also have a brand new visitor, Hersey! He is teeny tiny and hasn’t stopped exploring since he’s arrived. What a wonderful day! 🐇

Image may contain: cat

Image may contain: cat

Time For Bella Cuddles!

Meet Bella, a lovable bunny who’s ready to soak up your cuddles like a sponge. During her stay at The Bushy Tail, Bella found a new favorite spot underneath our coffee table. She would stretch out as far as her tippy toes would go. She is such a sweet girl and we are so happy to have had the opportunity to take care of her until her momma was ready to bring her home.

Bella 2